Air pollution is one of the factors that we have such unhealthy lungs and other problems. In fact, there is an estimation of 40,000 premature deaths a year in the United Kingdom alone. And unfortunately, there are many ways that we contribute to the pollution that we experience in our earth today, although we are not that aware of this. Pollution is greatly contributed by both industrial and vehicular emissions. As a normal citizen and an inhabitant of the planet earth, what can we do to reduce emissions in the atmosphere? A lot. We focus on the issue of vehicular smoke how we can prevent it.  


1.Have a smog test 

Your vehicle emits smog, which is a combination of both solid and liquid particles that can be released in the air. Just like the other air pollutants, smog is both destructive and Zara does to the environment and your health Short-term exposure can cause skin and eye irritation, while long-term exposure can lead to some respiratory disease. This is why it is necessary to have your vehicle checked if it emits smog so necessary intervention could be done. The smog check San Francisco would provide you this.  

2.Drive less 

There is a very simple logic behind driving less. Driving less would mean fewer emissions of air pollutants. You can do the following: 

Walk if you can. If you are going somewhere far, you may use a bike. If your town or city provides a bike program, use them. Do not use private vehicle often and if you can, take a public transit. When you have friends, you may carpool with them instead of driving for yourself. Whenever you want to go outside to do some shopping or for some personal matters, plan ahead your route so your driving is calculated and you can do everything that is needed to do all at once. In this way, your driving is more purposeful rather going anywhere without a plan.  

3.Maintain your car 

One of the ways to make sure that your car does not emit more air pollutants or smog is to make sure that it is healthy. Maintain your car by having regular cleaning, use the recommended oil and follow the changing schedule, have some regular tune-ups and check-ups. Also, drive more safely and save some fuel to be more sustainable to the environment.  

4.Do not ideal unless it is necessary 

Idle cars potentially pollute the air that this may even cause the wearing of the engine. The vehicles that we have now today do not need some warming up during winter so avoid turning it on until you are ready to drive.  

5. Choose fuel-efficient cars or vehicles 

When you are planning on purchasing a new car to replace an old one, make sure that that you choose the one that is more friendly to the environment and is more fuel-efficient. While you may think that just benefits the environment; it benefits you too as you will not have to spend more money on fuel.  

Use the EPA Fuel Economy and Environment Label for you to compare and contrast car models and choose the most efficient among them.