Villas in Tuscany


Villas are a large country house of Roman times, having an estate and consisting of a farm and residential buildings arranged around a courtyard. Villas have their root back in time; they used to build a house outside of the city for avoiding the summer heat. The tradition is followed by Tuscany people. Each city has several villas, the city called Arezzo one of the popular cities, this is not only known for its outer look the main concept behind the scene is art and culture. This popular city popularized by the jewelry industry, Arezzo best for purchasing jewelry, it contains sixty-one villas and apartments. The villa named Podere Della fraternita rental villa suitable for few couples or a family, its appearance pool facilities attract people and their children. Grosseto has three villas the Tuscan coastal region is in this area. The villa called Torredi Grosseto is beautiful stone tower unique from all and the sea nearby to this villa. From the nearest town fonteblanda is perfect for markets, shops, restaurants, a bank, post office, and pharmacy. Grosseto also has several attracting fields filled with different shops and cafes. Lucca is admirable with its elegant look, it holds fifty-four villas, this city also called city of bicyclist.