Are you looking for a company that offers a variety of your home appliance repair needs? If you are, then here in Salinas appliance pros, you have your answer! 

The technicians of our company have been well trained to handle the problems that you encounter with your appliances at home. Here, we ensure that every detail is checked given that you have entrusted us your home investment.  

One common appliance repair we handle is repairing your fridge. We know it is very important in your kitchen because some owners ourselves, it is very important for us too. The fridge has a unique way of functioning and it can be quite complex thus if you try to fix it yourself without much prior knowledge, you may be wasting your time and your money if ever you add more on the damage. Give the job to us and make sure that one of the vital appliances in your kitchen is functioning properly. 

Another common repair is microwave repair as well as dishwasher repair. If you are working 8 hours a day or more then you may be waking very early and going home very late and sometimes too tired to cook over fire. The microwave is my best friend and I’m sure if you are working, it is yours too! It can be disabling o not have such an accessible appliance at home that provides you a good meal within seconds. Well, let’s not forget who does the dishes! 

Are you looking for a way to keep your kitchen functional as well as your other appliance at home? Contact us today through visiting our website