Commercial is often affiliated with something more upgraded for convenience. However, given that commercial is often integrated with convenience it also often means greater need compared to residential. 

When it comes to cleaning, most of us open think this way as well. Since commercial cleaning services are designed for commercial spaces, it is often integrated with the thought of better cleaning. Residential cleaning on the other hand is often mistaken to a lesser cleaning outcome.  

However, did you know that both cleaning actually means somehow the same?  

Commercial cleaning is not the same as residential cleaning however this does not mean that the other provides a greater cleaning out me than the other. In actuality, both cleaning is the same. Commercial cleaning is for commercial purposes and residential cleaning are for residential purposes.  

Commercial cleaning focuses on cleaning hazard by commercial spaces or cleaning up or providing waste cleaning for commercial spaces. These things are often seen as big and heavy to handle that’s why commercial cleaning is often thought of as something more heavy duty compared to residential cleaning.  

Residential cleaning is focused on cleaning the bathroom, kitchen, living area including carpets another nook and crannies in a home. It is often misjudged as a lesser effort because all of us somehow needs to invest home cleaning ad it has become mundane to each of us.  

Both cleaning services provide the best cleaning in terms of their field. Commercial cleaning focuses on training their team for cleaning machinery, some focuses on computer cleaning, and others focus on other commercial concern as well. Commercial cleaning is well erased when it comes to variety. This is because when it comes to commercial concerns, there are various to choose from. Some are focused on office work, some focus on handling chemicals, some focus on health wastes and other related medical facility and some focus on food handling. Each differ in focus however some commercial cleaning services also offers variety of services that caters to all mentioned.  

Residential cleaning may not have this much of a variety when to comes to its services however if you are a homeowner, for sure you know that the mundane can be a normal thing to handle ocean however due to its normality, it often becomes neglected due to other things people focus on in life like work. The bathroom does not sparkle after a week of hectic work, the kitchen counter is a bit greasy than usual, the living area’s carpet and sofa is quite dusty; these are areas in a home that are important however neglected when work comes calling. For sure, as a worker and a person who handles the home at the same time, your vacuum may be your best friend however the vacuum cannot really handle it all. This is how residential cleaning services comes into rescue.  

You see both cleaning services should not even be compared because the goal of both services is your convenience.  

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